Diving Conditions | 19-25 June 2005

Few days without the Grey Nurse Sharks for some divers, but they are still there, both males and females. Monty the Blue Groper with the one pectoral fin was seen with a chunck missing. Fighting between male Blue Gropers is not uncommon and we are conviced he’ll recover.

Although the Whale watching season has only just started there have already been days with up to twenty Humpback Whales seen from the lighthouse.

Already a few Humback Whales have been sighted from the lighthouse. Soon there will be more whales making their way up north.

Mainly overcast days with some showers. Rain increased as teh week went by. Cool S/SW winds, cold nights.
Nice and calm, hardly any surf. Some current.
Water temperature
20 – 21°C
6 – 10 meters

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