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Diving Conditions | 24-30 April 2005

Leopard Sharks, White-spotted Eaglerays and some more White-spotted Guitarfish took care of our spots this week. Also some large Yellowtail Kingfish hunting around Julian Rocks. Look at our video page for a short clip. Other life around included some large Golden Trevally, large schools of Big-eye Trevally, Tall-fin Batfish being cleaned, Somber Sweetlips at their usual [...]

Diving Conditions | 17-23 April 2005

Quite a few divers saw a White-spotted Guitarfish. This fish looks very much like the Shovelnose ray, but is larger and are darker in colour. A very shy creature. Other things included octopus and a Clown Triggerfish (juvenile). Both of them are seen regularly around Julian Rocks, but still worth a mention ! See photo on [...]

Diving Conditions | 10-16 April 2005

More Leopard Sharks: up to five individuals were seen on a single dive. Schools of Cownose Rays were seen on different days. A few Manta Rays showed up and a shy Shovelnoseray made an appearance too. Weather Days were generally sunny with a few clouds. Some heavy rain during the nights. Sea The Bay was pretty calm. Water temperature 26°C Visibility Another week [...]

Diving Conditions | 3-9 April 2005

Plenty of Leopard Sharks still around. Most divers get to see them. Lucky divers saw three dolphins hunting. A very rare sight indeed. Other creatures included the good old wobbegongs, plenty of different sized turtles, Blue-fin Trevally and White-spotted Eaglerays. Weather A sunny start of the week, followed by some intermittent showers, especially at night. However, the [...]

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