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Diving Conditions| 16-22 May 2004

A large, curious Manta Ray was seen at Julian Rocks. It had no tail. Plenty of turtles this week, Orange-banded Surgeonfish feeding in the Nursery. Some large Crayfish. Weather Beautiful sunny days here in Byron. Nights are cooler. Hardly any wind. Sea Calm and only slight currents. Water temperature 23°C Visibility 12 – 15 meters.

Diving Conditions| 8-15 May 2004

The Leopard Sharks have left Byron Bay, but they have been ‘replaced’ by the Grey Nurse Sharks. A big girl was seen on most days with loads of remoras catching a ride. Black-spot Goatfish everywhere as usual, a wrasse feeding frenzy was sighted, more Clown Triggerfish, heaps of wobbegongs lying everywhere, some large Lionfish as [...]

Diving Conditions| 2-7 May 2004

Some last Leopard Shark are still around. The Grey Nurse Sharks seem to feel at home and are seen on most days. Lots of Wobbegong sharks around looking very fat and contend. Hardly any of them are moving. A few Giant Shovelnose Rays have been sighted. These normally elusive animals were very present in the last [...]

Diving Conditions| 25 April-1 May 2004

The Leopard Sharks are still showing off at the moment and so do the Grey Nurse Sharks. Apparently, the Grey Nurse Shark season has started early this year. They have now been around for a few weeks consistently. A lot of Black Cods in different sizes are seen at different sites. A school of Cownose [...]

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