Diving Conditions| 4-10 April 2004

A large school of Cownose Rays passed Julian Rocks. Some massive Kingfish swimming around also.

Leopard Sharks made some appearances. These remoras do like to be in the way (see photo on the left). A Manta Ray on Monday. Three Blind Sharks were sharing a (very small) space under a ledge with two Wobbegongs: a pile of sharks!

Lots of fish in general. Go out now!

Showers arrived mid week. On Friday however, the sun came through. Saturday was nice, dry and sunny, Blue skies. Cooler nights.
Very surgy conditions, but that calmed down by the end of the week.On Monday and Tuesday a big swell coming from the NE made the surface conditions a bit more challenging.
Water temperature
24 – 25°C
Great visibility ranging from 15 – 25 meters.

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