Diving Conditions| 8-14 February 2004

Still only the occasional Leopard Shark. There were some rumours that another Grey Nurse Shark was seen at Julian Rocks.

Other life that caught the eye: a beautiful nudibranch called Miamira magnifica, juvenile and adult Semi-circled Angelfish (see photo on the left), large Eagle rays, plenty of turtles, huge Bull rays, octopus, Clown Triggerfish and Wobbegong sharks.

Sunny all days. Hot to very hot. Only some clouds in the early mornings. NE – NW winds. Increasing in strength.
Calm the first few days. Very rough seas as the NE -NW came up, especially Thursday. Saturday it started to calm down again.
Water temperature
19 – 24°C. Nice and warm until Tuesday, but then a cooler current came through. Brrrr!
The visibility was really good until Tuesday. Wednesday the water was quite green and the visibility was 5 – 8 meters. Saturday it started to improve and it was around the 10 meters.

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