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Diving Conditions| 22-28 February 2004

The marine life was busy as usual. Plenty of turtles, rays and Sweetlips. Monty, the one-finned Blue Grouper, showed himself on a number of occasions. A whole lot of ‘Cornflake’ weed. Weather Hot on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday a proper down pour. Cooler nights from then on. Still sunny days. Mainly southerly winds Sea Big swell came through from [...]

Diving Conditions| 15-21 February 2004

A relatively large Leopard Shark with its spotted pattern still showing some of its juvenile stripes. Hawksbill turtle, Lionfish, loads of Yellow-spotted and Brown Sweetlips and Monty the Blue Grouper with only one pectoral fin. Weather A hot week. Lots of sun and only some rain on Thursday night. Northerly picked up on Saturday. Sea Fairly calm until Saturday [...]

Diving Conditions| 8-14 February 2004

Still only the occasional Leopard Shark. There were some rumours that another Grey Nurse Shark was seen at Julian Rocks. Other life that caught the eye: a beautiful nudibranch called Miamira magnifica, juvenile and adult Semi-circled Angelfish (see photo on the left), large Eagle rays, plenty of turtles, huge Bull rays, octopus, Clown Triggerfish and [...]

Diving Conditions| 1-7 February 2004

Although there are still no big numbers of Leopard Sharks around there were some to be seen by lucky ones. Where to start? A lot of large Wobbegong Sharks, turtles, Moorish Idols, octopus, Blind Sharks, large jellyfish being eaten by juvenile Green Turtles and Flutemouths, hunting Yellow-tail Kingfish, Tall-fin Batfish , huge Queesnland Groupers in [...]

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