Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions | 16-22 October 2005

More Grey Nurse Sharks, a mixture of young males and larger females. Large Loggerhead Turtle, different species of moray eel, plenty of wobbegongs of course, and some cute Freckeled Porcupinefish. Don’t forget the Blue Gropers! Weather Warm, sunny weather until Wednesday when the temperatures dropped a bit and clouds moved in. A bit of rain the following [...]

Diving Conditions | 9-15 October 2005

Still regular Grey Nurse Shark sightings every day. Humpback Whales songs could be heard under water, loud and clear. Beautiful! Weather The week started off bright and sunny, but this was followed by days with intermittent heavy showers. Even the nights were cool. Sea Nice and flat. Water temperature 21°C Visibility Bliss for divers: 15 – 20 meters.

Diving Conditions | 2-8 October 2005

Grey Nurse Sharks were seen on most days. The Blue Gropers seemd in a good mood and were very playful. Turtles, large ray and plenty of bullseyes. Weather Hot, hot hot and sunny. Strong N/NW, but the wind swung to a southerly on Friday morning with clouds appearing Sea The bay was quite rough. Some afternoon diving was cancelled. Water [...]

Diving Conditions | 25 September – 1 October 2005

More Grey Nurse Shark action. The regulars were around too: large Loggerhead Turtles, Blue Gropers, Jewfish, Bream, stripeys, wobbegong lazying on the bottom, Sombre Sweetlips and goatfish. Humpback Whales could be seen travelling south from the dive boats and the Cape Headland and sometimes came into the bay for a splash. Divers could hear the whales [...]

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