Byron Bay Arts & Music Festival announces lineup

Held on January 7-8 at Belongil Fields, the Byron Bay Arts and Music Festival returns after a 12 year hiatus. Brought to you by the original ‘Byron Arts’ crew and ably assisted by their friends from The Falls Music & Arts Festival to deliver a glorious rebirthing of an historic, indeed iconic Byron Bay event.

The current line-up includes Franz Ferdinand (UK), The Hives (Sweden), The Cat Empire, The Kooks (UK), The Grates, Gomez (UK), Faker, Tegan And Sara (Canada), Donavon Frankenreiter (USA), Soko (France)

Early this year, on the most eastern plain of this great southern land, the Byron Arts crew were busy re-kindling the Byron Bay Arts & Music Festival fire. A curious prod of the original remains revealed a soft warm glow and the excitement of potential infused the Byron breeze. Like any proud new parent, the Byron Arts crew wanted the very best for their little one and it was decided more fuel would be just the thing. And so a smoke signal was sent in the secret language of old, calling for the assistance of a like-minded family to come and play. This message wafted far and wide and was answered in the south where it brought a tear to the eye of The Falls Festival family as they reminisced over their first born 16 years ago in a sleepy little arts community called Lorne and her younger sister in the idyllic oasis of Marion Bay in Tasmania some 10 years later. Recognising a shared philosophy for supporting the community, showcasing local arts and programming diverse, world-class music, The Falls Festival packed its record collection and magic paint brushes and journeyed north for a coming together like no other. The invitation manifested into a fun and exciting hive of activity as they collectively pieced together a stupendous arts and music vision that brought together the best of what each family had to offer.

The Byron Arts crew have baked up this wondrous recipe with their Falls Festival friends spreading the icing on the cake. Together they will place the cherry on top, ready for public consumption in January ’09. Without further ado, we proudly announce to the world, the new Byron Bay Arts & Music Festival – an event that is all about reveling-in and showcasing the real Byron in all its artistic glory. ‘Byron Arts’ will share some of The Falls Festivals’ line-up and feature a huge local content of music, with treasure-chests overflowing from local arts groups from this inspiring slice of the country. Those that join us for this glorious event will find themselves immersed in a utopian environment of world-class music, comedy, writers’ workshops, yoga, drumming circles, interactive art installations, burlesque, and international cuisines.

More info on the Byron Bay Arts & Music festival website.

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