East Coast Movers & Shakers Backgammon Tournament 2007 – November 10+11

The third East Coast ‘Movers & Shakers’ Backgammon Tournament has a new location. After two years at the Byron Bay Beach Resort, the 2007 tournament will be held at the Bangalow Bowling Club on 10 and 11 November 2007. “Bangalow Bowling Club is a cheaper, more community-friendly location” said Hamish Whetstone one of the organizers, “This means more of the entry money goes back into the prize pool”.

Last year players came from The Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne to compete including the 1989 Australian champion Steve Roberts. Despite many excellent players coming from all over Australia, last year four local players made it to the top-five to play for prize money of over $1,200.

The Backgammon Tournament is the idea of local backgammon players; Hamish Whetstone, Jake Rozenthal and Neil Young, and like last year, they hope to attract interest from interstate backgammon players but they also hope to bring together all the backgammon players living locally in the shire. “There are many backgammon tournaments played over the internet, but we felt like a real competition between real players sitting opposite each other would be a lot more fun” said Hamish from his Mullumbimby home, where he plays backgammon every week with a group of friends “We hope it will bring together the local backgammon community like it has for the last two years”.

The tournament costs $65 to enter with all entry fees returned as prize money once costs are covered – this is a not for profit event. There will be two days of backgammon competition. Day one is a ‘Swiss Qualifier’ where everyone plays six opponents and then the 16 players with the most wins qualify for a Knockout Final on day two (this is a double-elimination final, which means you are not knocked out until you have lost twice). There will be a state representative competition and on day two there will be a consolation competition for those that didn’t quality and plenty of blitz rounds (small round robin competitions) for those that are knocked out or can only attend for one day.

Contact bbblot@hotmail.com for more information or phone Hamish on 0413 564 838

As Tim is a keen Backgammon player and part of the tournament, PLANULA offers 10% off accommodation for tournament participants for any stay including the tournament dates – and if you beat Tim during the tournament (in Backgammon that is) you will get another 10% off – now that’s confidence. But better be quick …

Movers & Shakers Backgammon Tournament

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