Diving Conditions | 18 -24 February 2007

Harlequin Ghost pipefish seemed to have found a new home around Julian Rocks as they can be seen in a few different locations. Out wide from the Needles there were Kingfish hanging out with some Brown Sweetlips. Loads of Leopard Sharks with up to 11 individuals seen in one dive, Blind Sharks, Hinge-beak Shrimps, Coral Cleaner Shrimps, wobbegongs, goatfish, school of Big-eye Trevally, turtles everywhere!

Sunny, sunny and sunny all week long, but not too hot or humid. Nights were balmy and cooler later on.
S/SE kept the Bay nice and flat, but there was a largish swell coming from the east
Water temperature
15 – 25 meters

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