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Diving Conditions | 23-29 July 2006

Outlines of Grey Nrse Sharks could be seen and the Humpback Whales could be heard underwater, but it was mainly about concentrating onthe small stuff. Weather Rainy days with only a little bit of sun between showers. Cool nights. Sea Rough and choppy. Water temperature 18 – 19°C Visibility Low visibility: 2 – 5 meters

Diving Conditions | 16-22 July 2006

Go the Grey Nurses! One person thought they saw a Grey Nurse Shark do a poo, violenty contracting its body. After a bit of asking around and some research the animal most likely had some internal problems caused by hook damage to the digestive track. Let’s hope this one does survive its ordeal. Weather Rainy weather [...]

Diving Conditions | 9-15 July 2006

A largish, playful octopus, nudibranchs, schools of bream and sweetlips. Of course the Grey Nurse Sharks were there as well this week. Great whalewatching week too with plenty of Humpbacks making their way up North. Weather Some heavy showers, increasing as the week went on. Mainly S/SW winds. Sea Fairly calm in the Bay Water temperature 19°C Visibility 10 – 12 meter most [...]

Diving Conditions | 2-8 July 2006

Divers are flocking to Byron Bay to be able to swim with the amazing Grey Nurse Sharks. Other regulars were around too, such as the Blue Gropers, turtle, goatfish, wobbegongs, different species of nudibranchs and different rays. Weather Plenty of sunny periods with a light shower here and there. Nights were cool. Sea Choppy but the Bay flattened as [...]

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