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Diving Conditions | 21-27 August 2005

Again we had some more Grey Nurse Sharks and they do not seize to amaze the diving community in Byron Bay. Jewfish, cuttlefish, playful Blue Gropers and friendly turtles Weather Beautiful summerlike days and warm evenings and nights. Life is good. Sea Bit of a chop further our, but the Bay was nice and calm Water temperature 18 – 20°C Visibility 10 – [...]

Diving Conditions | 14-20 August 2005

Grey nurses, Grey nurses, Grey nurses…..They’re stunning! Plenty of Wobbegongs, bullseyes, Blue Gropers and pufferfish. Regular Humpback whale sighting from the Cape Headland. Weather Showers eased and warmer weather moved in. The sun came out to play! Sea Beautifully calm Water temperature 18 – 19°C Visibility 10 – 12 meters

Diving Conditions | 7-13 August 2005

Those beautiful Grey Nurse Sharks are still hanging out at Julian Rocks. One pregnant female is sighted on many dives. The Humpback Whales were a bit harder to see with the surface chop, but they were definitely swimming past. Weather Although there was a bit of sun, we mainly had showers and cool nights. Those beanies come [...]

Diving Conditions | 31 July-6 August 2005

Grey Nurse Sharks: bring them on! These animals are around all the time at the moment and most divers get to see them up closely. Cuttlefish, large schools of Cownose rays (have been around for a few weeks now), other rays, bullseyes and Blue Gropers. Weather Mainly blue skies. Only on one or two days did we [...]

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