Diving Conditions | 27 March-2 April 2005

Leopard Sharks is the word.

A Red Rockcod was found with a squid in its mouth. Unfortunately, the squid was hooked to a cut-off fishing line, tangled around a rock. After a while the rockcod spit the whole lot out and swam off. Hopefully not too badly injured.

Turtles (including a tiny baby green turtle), Blue Gropers, schools of fusiliers, Tallfin Batfish,Old Wifes, Sergeant Majors, anemonefish, wobbegongs and eaglerays all like the clear water.

More sun than we usually get over Easter. Just some showers on Sunday night and early Tuesday. Sunny days on Friday and Saturday. Cool southerly winds, cool nights.
Calm, only small waves.
Water temperature
Hooray! 20 – 30 meters visibility. Superclear!

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