Diving Conditions | 6-12 March 2005

Another week without Leopard Sharks, but lots of Blue-spotted stingrays. The Numbrays are out and about too. Pretty scary when they get close!

A Loggerhead Turtle devoured a urchin and did not seem to be bothered by one of its spikes sticking into the turtle’s eye. Ouch! Green turtles swimming and sleeping, more Spanish Dancers and their egg ribbons, schools of perch, bream and colourful anthias and bright moonwrasse.

A cloud here and there at first, but heaps of blue skies, warm beach weather. Cool breeze, cool nights.
Very nice and calm until Saturday, which was a bit rough, also under water.
Water temperature
21 – 24°C
Low visibility on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday it was great (12 – 18 meters), but dropped again on Thursday with and absolute minimum of three meters.

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