Diving Conditions | 9-15 January 2005

Another Leopard Shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) was sighted this week.

A large male Loggerhead Turtle was seen on several dives and a large Black Cod tried, unsuccesfully, to hide in the Cod Hole. At the end of the week one of the still remaining Grey Nurse Sharks made an appearance.

Kingfish were seen hunting out at Spot X, zooming through schools of Yellowtail Scad. And an anemonefish that was living in a very small anemone (see photo on the left).

Some heavy rain during the nights, which were cool and refreshing. Days were mainly sunny and warm.
Bit of chop, smal swell. Nothing too large. The surfies were not happy.
Water temperature
22 – 24°C.
Great visibility this week. With a top of thrity meters on Thursday. Rest of the week: 15 – 25 meters.

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