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Diving Conditions | 19-25 December 2004

A large number of small stingrays and sharks on the Main Beach. Hugo’s Trench was very busy with Grey Nurse Sharks; up to 5 individuals at a time. Turtles, large Bull Rays, pretty sea urchins and sea stars. Weather Sunny, hot and humid during the day, but nice and cool at night. Some Southerly winds. Sea Bit choppy. Water temperature 18 [...]

Diving Conditions | 12-18 December 2004

A lot of turtles were seen around Julian Rocks. The large Bullrays are around as well. Other sightings included octopus and a tiny wobbegong (~15 cm). Weather Few clouds, but mainly sunny days with not too much wind. Sea Calm, a bit of current in places. Plenty of thermoclines. Water temperature 20 – 23°C Visibility Low visibility on some places, but very patchy: [...]

Diving Conditions | 5-11 December 2004

If you want to be dive with Grey Nurse Sharks it is still possible! A few of those sharks are still around. The large rays have settled in and can be seen on most dives as well. Plenty of Blue Gropers, turtles (green, loggerhead and hawksbill!!), Old Wifes, the lot. Weather Heavy rain until Friday morning. Saturday [...]

Cuttle Chameleon

The name of this most beautiful and fascinating creature is a bit confusing, since it is not a fish at all. The cuttlefish belongs to the Phylum Mollusca, Class Cephalopoda (literally: head-footers) and is closely related to the octopus and squid. Like squids, but unlike the octopus, the cuttlefish has ten arms. Two of those [...]

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