Diving Conditions | 21-27 November 2004

At least one Grey Nurse Shark is still around. Some Malabar Cods hang out in the same area around the Cod Hole and the sand trenches. Large Bullrays seem to like Julian Rocks at this time of year.

And of course there was the usual life, such as Blue Gropers, turtles were everywhere, different species of Sweetlips, wobbegongs, goatfish, leatherjackets (including the Large-scale Leatherjacket (Cantheschenia grandisquamis), see photo on the left), White-spotted Eaglerays, scalyfins and colourful nudibranchs.

Most of the week there was a lot of rain falling out of the sky. The cool southerly winds made it feel almost like winter again. Friday the weather cleared and the sun was back!
Fairly calm
Water temperature
20 – 22°C.
Bit on the low side at first: 5 – 8 meters, but up to 15 meters by the end of the week.

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