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Diving Conditions | 21-27 November 2004

At least one Grey Nurse Shark is still around. Some Malabar Cods hang out in the same area around the Cod Hole and the sand trenches. Large Bullrays seem to like Julian Rocks at this time of year. And of course there was the usual life, such as Blue Gropers, turtles were everywhere, different species [...]

Diving Conditions | 14-20 November 2004

Plenty of large Bull Rays around. And a juvenile Hawksbill Turtle. The fish on lthe left is a Unicorn Leatherjacket (Aluterus monoceros) and can be seen around Julian Rocks regularly. Until now it has only been seen in the shallower areas such as the Nursery and by itself. Weather Blue, cloudless skies and high temperatures. Very hot [...]

Diving Conditions | 7-13 November 2004

Big school of Old Wifes and lots and lots of large Bull Rays. More Grey Nurse Sharks, one of them a large girl. Plenty of friendly turtles, Blue Gropers and cuttlefish. Weather Mainly sunny and very hot weather. Big thunderstorm came through on Tuesday night with strong winds and rain. After that: southerly winds (S/SE) and [...]

Diving Conditions| 31 October-6 November 2004

Although officially the Grey Nurse Shark season has ended they are still around. Plenty of turtles this week as per usual, schools of Jewfish, large Bull Rays, a big Black Cod at the end of Hugo’s Trench, some large Spotted Wobbegongs too and Blue-bottles on the beach. A lot of people are stil fortunate enough [...]

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