Diving Conditions| 3-9 October 2004

On Sunday a Humpback Whale mother and calf were resting close to Julian Rocks. A large Bull Ray was spotted. Grey Nurse Sharks are still there. A big school of Bannerfish were zooming around in the Nursery. Wobbegongs, Stripeys, Red Morwongs, Black-spot Goatfish and pufferfish.

Sunny and very warm weather. A bit of rain Thursday night. Calm winds most of the week, except for Friday when a strong northely was blowing.
The Bay was calm with the southerlies. Friday it was rough and some of the diving was cancelled.
Water temperature
19 – 20°C
A bit of a green tinge on Sunday and the visibility dropped on Wednesday to 5 meters. Later on it hovered around the 10 meters

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