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Planula goes solar

Making power from the sun is intensely gratifying and at Planula we have just installed a series of brand new solar panels. This will help reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment. Of course, the hot water used at Planula has been heated by the sun for quite some time now, but [...]

Migaloo Visits Byron Bay – for the 3rd time

At approximately 2:30 pm on Monday 28th September Migaloo the white whale payed a quick visit to Byron Bay. Migaloo is the world’s only completely white humpback whale which researchers are almost certain is an albino. The 20 year old male whale was spotted at the end of the last tour of the day in [...]

Live availabilities and accommodation bookings now at Planula

If you have made up your mind about coming to Planula already and just want to lock in your booking, there is no longer the need to send enquiries, get responses about what we have on offer and then make a booking. You can check directly on the Planula website, what is available and [...]

Humpback whale season starts early – first breach off Julian Rocks

The very first humpback whale of the season breached in front of Julian Rocks this morning. This marks a very early start for this years humpback whale season in Byron Bay as it starts with the migration of whales towards the warmer waters of the North during the winter months. The weather is outstanding in [...]

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