Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions | 28 May-3 June 2006

Grey Nurse Shark season has well and truly started this year before the Queens Birthday long weekend. . Weather Sunshine, but a cool SW/W wind. Cool nights. Winter is here…..fire is roaring at PLANULA B&B’s guest lounge Sea The bay was calm and clear Water temperature 19 – 20°C Visibility Pretty good with 15 meters visibility.

Diving Conditions | 23 April-27 June 2006

While we were away enjoying Pygmy Seahorses (see photo on the left), all kinds of crustaceans and brightly coloured nudibranchs, the Leopard Sharks left Byron Bay to make way for the beautiful Grey Nurse Sharks. Weather Nice and tropical where we were, hihi. In Indonesia that is. Sea No waves in North – Sulawesi Water temperature 29°C for us. In [...]

Diving Conditions | 16-22 April 2006

A Herbst’s Nurse Shark was sighted on three consecutive days. A very rare sighting, cause normally they are only seen once they are tawled from the deep. Still some resilient Leopard Sharks, but summer is on its way out. Some more eaglerays, turtles, Blue Gropers and an intermediate juvenile Tall-fin Batfish (see photo on the left). Weather Heavy [...]

Diving Conditions | 9-15 April 2006

The Leopard Sharks are still around, but there are less of them. It might already getting a bit on the cool side for them. A number of turtles, eaglerays, Blue Gropers, wobbegongs, Red Rockcods, goatfish, anemonefish….the usual crowds. Weather Some serious hot summerlike weahter during the days, but the early mornings start get a bit nippy. Sea Pretty calm Water [...]

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