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Diving Conditions | 22 – 28 April 2007

Just the odd Leopard Shark was seen this week. Lots of wobbegongs, some friendly Blue Gropers, turtles, nudibranch, headshield slugs, ornate ghostpipefish. Heaps of all kinds of fishes, especially on the days that the visibility was low. Weather Sunny at first, but soon clouds covered the skies and there were some brief showers, mainly at night. [...]

Diving Conditions | 15 – 21 April 2007

A White-spotted Guitarfish was sighted. Pretty unsual as these animals are very shy. More Leopard Sharks, Ornate Ghostpipefish, a large Smooth Stingrays, schools of Cownose Rays, turtles, a couple of species of moray eels living together, several different nudibranchs and a big grouper at the Cod Hole. Weather Sunny weather with a few hot days. Sea Bit choppy [...]

Diving Conditions | 8 – 14 April 2007

Plenty of Leopard Sharks, a hug school of about 200 Jewfish in the deeper end, eaglerays and turtles Weather Big down-pours over the weekend. Cloudy skies with some short showers later on. Nights are cool. Sun peeked through later in the week. Sea A little choppy at times, some surge below as well Water temperature 25°C Visibility 25 – 30 meters. Some [...]

Humpback whalewatching season starts in Byron Bay

The first humpback whales have been sighted last week off Cape Byron. A rather early start for the 2007 whale watching season in Byron Bay and hopefully a sign off another increase in humpback whale numbers. Make sure you come to Byron Bay this year to watch these magnificent animals. The unique location of Byron [...]

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