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Diving Conditions | 19-25 November 2006

Grey Nurse Sharks are still around. Besides the turtles, Blue Gropers, anemonefish, goatfish and large stingrays a sea snake was spotted. Weather Summery days, but temperaatures still a bit below average. Cool nights Sea Nice and calm this week Water temperature 21 – 23°C Visibility Improved visibility from last week with a top of 20 meters.

Diving Conditions | 12-18 November 2006

Weather Cloudy and strong northerly winds at the beginning of the week. A hailstorm on Wednesday! Winds turned with very cool S/SW winds, but sunny skies Sea Rough, with two days of diving cancelled. Water temperature 21 – 22°C Visibility Low visibility: 5 – 8 meters

Byron Underwater documentary finished

Finally the finishing touches for the Byron Underwater documentary have been finalised … a never ending process and great to see to come to an end. Check out the selection short clips on the Byron Underwater page and we hope to see you all at the premiere at the Byron Bay Community Centre on the [...]

Diving Conditions | 5-11 November 2006

Large female Grey Nurse Sharks patrol these waters. Wobbegongs, turtles, Yellowtail Kingfish, big Snappers, Jewfish and some large stingrays. Humpback Whales are still coming past and some of them have a rest or a play in the bay area. Weather The week started sunny, but cool. Heavy rain on Thursday and wintery temperatures at night. Rain [...]

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