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Diving Conditions | 20-26 August 2006

There were still a lot of wobbegongs around Julian Rocks this week. People also got a chance to see the Grey Nurse Sharks. In the deeper end there was some interesting Snapper behaviour. Huge Yellowtail Kingfish and Jewfish at the Cod Hole together with Brown Sweetlips and bullseyes. Turtles, Blue Gropers, Bream, nudibranchs and different [...]

Diving Conditions | 13-19 August 2006

Everybody noticed the high number of wobbegongs. And there were some large ones too…swimming! Grey Nurse Sharks are seen on most dives. Octopus, Blue Gropers, bullseyes, goatfish. The beautiful whalsongs could be heard as well. Weather Sunny, sunny, sunny…and hardly any wind. Beautiful winter weather that felt like summertime on some days. Sea Nice and flat Water temperature 18 – 19°C Visibility 10 – [...]

Diving Conditions | 6-12 August 2006

More Grey Nurse Sharks. Heap and heaps of wobbegongs around. One pregnant Dwarf Ornate Wobbegong was seen lying about. Some tiny little Popcorn Shrimp were seen too. Weather The week started off with heavy rain and cool, strong SE/SW winds. This improved by Tuesday. Wind settled on Wednesday. The rest of the week was wonderful! Sea Large surf in [...]

Diving Conditions | 30 July-5 August 2006

Those Grey Nurse Sharks seem to love Julian Rocks and divers encountered several shark every day. A high number of big wobbegongs, turtles, butterflyfish and of course our friendly Blue Gropers. Weather Hot summer-like weather. Sun and blues skies everyday. Strong Northerly winds turning South on Friday. Sea Surf was up, but a smooth ride to the rock most [...]

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