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Diving Conditions | 16-22 April 2006

A Herbst’s Nurse Shark was sighted on three consecutive days. A very rare sighting, cause normally they are only seen once they are tawled from the deep. Still some resilient Leopard Sharks, but summer is on its way out. Some more eaglerays, turtles, Blue Gropers and an intermediate juvenile Tall-fin Batfish (see photo on the left). Weather Heavy [...]

Diving Conditions | 9-15 April 2006

The Leopard Sharks are still around, but there are less of them. It might already getting a bit on the cool side for them. A number of turtles, eaglerays, Blue Gropers, wobbegongs, Red Rockcods, goatfish, anemonefish….the usual crowds. Weather Some serious hot summerlike weahter during the days, but the early mornings start get a bit nippy. Sea Pretty calm Water [...]

Diving Conditions | 2-8 April 2006

A Grey Nurse Shark was seen on Friday; a rarity this time of the year. Dolphins were seen on the surface doing some amazing jumps! Some young calves were present as well Weather The week started sunny with a relly hot day on Tuesday, followed by a heavy thunderstorm at night. Some rain and mainly cloudy skies. [...]

Diving Conditions | 26 March-1 April 2006

The lower visibility always brings out a lot of fish feasting on the green stuff in the water: butterflyfish, angelfish, Stripeys, goatfish, bream, , Blue Gropers, Somber Sweetlips. Larger rays, Leopard Sharks and our turtles earlier in the week. Weather Mostly sunny days, but the mornings and evenings were alreay a bit cool. High clouds. Some rain [...]

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