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Diving Conditions | 24-30 July 2005

Grey Nurse Shark galore. Large females are showing off, some of them are thought to be pregnant and look nice and chunky. Wobbegongs, turtles, bullseyes, Old Wifes, Blue Gropers, porcupinefish and more! Weather The Sunday set the pace with beautiful winter weather: clear blue skies, crisp air and cooler nights. Sea Nice and calm. Water temperature 19 – 20°C Visibility Visibility improved, although [...]

Diving Conditions | 17-23 July 2005

Grey Nurse Sharks are seen on most dives. Some larger females have moved in. Turtles, wobbegongs, lionfish can all be made out in the somewhat green waters. On the surface: Humpback Whales are increasing in numbers and most people get to see some during their stay in Byron Bay. Weather Cool weather with quite a bit of [...]

Diving Conditions | 10-16 July 2005

Although the visibility was not the best there were still some keen divers out there. They saw turtles, wobbegongs, Grey Nurse Sharks, rays, plenty of jewfish and some bream. Definitely worthwhile going out. Humpback Whales are sighted regularly at the surface or from the lighthouse Weather This week started of with some rainy days that improved by [...]

Diving Conditions | 3-9 July 2005

Despite low visibility there were still some keen divers that went out. They saw lots of crayfish coming out of their hiding places, plenty of wobbegongs, big turtles and some silhouettes of Grey Nurse Sharks. Weather Although this week was overcast there wasn’t nearly as much rain as last week. Some clouds, a good deal of [...]

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