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Diving Conditions | 20-26 February 2005

No Leopard Sharks this week. The Blue-spotted Stingrays make up for that and can be seen lying on the sand, piled on top of each other. Weather Sunny and warm for most of the week, some clouds appeared on Friday and Saturday. Sea The Bay was fairly flat, calm surface conditions. Strong currents on Thursday. Water temperature 21°C, back to [...]

Diving Conditions | 13-19 February 2005

If you like Leopard sharks you have to come to Byron Bay right now. Plenty of large girls swimming or lying on the sand. A Wobbegong shark was seen capturing and eating a large octopus. The poor octopus did not go without a fight. large cods at the Cod Hole and the large big stingrays are [...]

Diving Conditions | 6-12 February 2005

Leopard Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Leopard Sharks. Bored yet? Two large octopus were seen “mating”, or at least courting. Spectacular colour changes and arms everywhere! On the photo on the left you can see the male (dark) in the front and the female (light) in the back. Weather It started to get windy on Wednesday, followed by cloudy [...]

Diving Conditions | 30 January-5 February 2005

Plenty of Leopard Sharks. Most divers have seen a few of these beautiful animals. Monty, the Blue Groper with only one pectoral fin is still around and demands attention from each and every diver. Large Bullrays can still be seen, all three turtle species are around at the moment (Hawksbill, Green and Loggerhead) and, of course, [...]

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