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Diving Conditions | 19-25 March 2006

Despite the somewhat rougher conditions there was still plenty to see: a few Leopard Sharks, Blue Gropers, Jewfish, Old Wifes, different species of rays, Stripeys, goatfish, Red Morwongs, bullseyes, pomfreds, neondamsels, pufferfish, trumpetfish, moray eels, anemonefish, lionfish and those cheeky Scalyfins protecting their algae patch (I wasn’t going to eat them.Honest!). Not many turtles [...]

Diving Conditions | 12-18 March 2006

More Leopard Sharks this week to the delight of divers and snorkellers. Blue Gropers, Red Emperors, Old Wifes, Jewfish, turtles, a number of species of colourful nudibranchs (for example: Glossodoris atromarginata, Chromodoris splendida, Ceratosoma amoena) and different species of rays. Generally a lot of fish life all week. Weather Beautiful weather with sunny days and cooler nights [...]

Diving Conditions | 5 – 11 March 2006

It looked like there were temporarily less Leopard Shark around; they might not have liked the conditions too much. Therefore there were some large Jewfish at The Codhole, Estuary Cods (including a bleak one), a few moray eels sharing their quarters, Eaglerays and lots of other fish finding plenty of food floating in the somewhat [...]

Diving Conditions | 26 February-4 March 2006

The Leopards Sharks were out and about once more with plenty of sightings each dive. They either laze around on the sand or swim past very slowly… Some divers got to see a couple of Guitarfish on Monday. Some Dusky Butterflyfish were fluttering about. Yellow-tail Kingfish and Jewfish hanging out at the Cod Hole. And of [...]

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